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Hello, everyone! Today is Monday, and I have a new lesson!

I have a question for you first of all:

What’s the real level of English that you actually have?

Normally people tell me: “Well, I just got the First Certificate.”

“or the Advanced. Or B1, I have a B2”.

This is not what I want to hear from you. I would like you to tell me if

You can understand if you can speak English fluently.

And a certificate doesn’t give me enough information.

So, today I’ll speak about certificates.

And on Thursday I will be back with a story.

I will use the question and answer technique, and you can learn

New words and also speak. You can answer the questions that I’m asking

And it will be really fun! As usual. 🙂

So, I will see you on Thursday and let me know if you liked today’s topic.

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If you speak Spanish. See you on Thursday! Bye! Bye!

>>> Download the mp3 audio and the transcript here! <<<